Armenio Vincenzo

Computational fluid dynamics, LES, turbulence, environmental and industrial fluid mechanics

University of Trieste

Avian Massimo

Human Evolution, Systematic Vertebrates, Systematic Zoology, Evolutionary Biology

University of Trieste

Bevilacqua Stanislao

Marine Ecology, biodiversity and conservation, benthic communities

University of Trieste

Braitenberg Carla

Geophysical geodesy, Remote sensing, Relative crust-sea level change

University of Trieste

Brocchini Maurizio

Coastal engineering, flow mixing, nearshore hydro-morphodynamics

Polytechnic of Marche

Busetti Martina

Geology, marine geophysics, seismic interpretation


Cabrini Marina

Ecology, physiology and biodiversity of microalgae


Campana Emilio F.

Mechanical Engineering and Blue Growth

Italian National Research Council (CNR)

Cappelletto Margherita

Project Manager

Italian National Research Council (CNR)

Ceramicola Silvia

Submarine geomorphology, marine geohazards, marine geology, geophysics, Mediterranean sea


Colleoni Florence

Glaciologist e paleoclimatologist


Covelli Stefano

Geochemistry, biogeochemistry in coastal evironments and mercury as a global pollutant

University of Trieste

Diviacco Paolo

Geophysics, data and knowledge management, collaborative system


Facchin Lorenzo

Offshore and inshore geophysics


Falace Annalisa

Marine biologiy, macroalgae taxonomy and ecology

University of Trieste

Farneti Riccardo

Physical oceanographer, role of the oceans in climate variability and change


Ferluga Claudia

Cross-border cooperation, participation, environment and sustainability

Regione FVG

Foglia Laura

Integrated hydrologic systems

University of California, Davis

Forte Emanuele

Applied geophysics, geology, archaeology, environmental problems, engineering and glaciology

University of Trieste

Franzosini Carlo

Marine biologist - Marine Protected Areas


Furlani Stefano

Coastal geomorphology, sea level change, weathering and erosion processes

University of Trieste

Gacic Miroslav

Physical Oceanography, Long-term and Climatic Variability, Ocean Circulation and Climate


Geletti Riccardo

Geophysics - Processing and interpretation of seismic data


Ghribi Mounir

Science Diplomacy, international cooperation and sustainable development


Giani Michele

Marine Biogeochemistry and Chemical Oceanography


Giulianini Piero

Zoology, animal ecophysiology, crustacean endocrinology


Gorbi Stefania

Applied biology

Polytechnic University of Marche

Gregori Tullio

Environmental economics

University of Trieste