Master 2023

Abdallah Khadidja Wissal

Marine Sciences, Environment

Abedin Xhesian

Aquaculture and fisheries management

Ait Abbas Sofia

Marine sciences (Marine biotechnology)

Al-Najjar Hassan

Coastal Hydrology

Athimen Khouloud

Fisheries and Marine Environment Engineer

Bubenzer Arndt

Education & Training, Sustainable Development

Casalena Giulia

Environmental Geology

Driouich Anas

Environmental Process Engineering

El-Ghandour Fatima-Ezzara

Remote Sensing and GIS fields and their applications in different areas such as : Marine and coastal zones and climate change

Eutamene Nour El Amal

Fisheries engineering and marine environment

Fatnassi Manel

Marine biology

Fellah Houda

Marine sciences/ Fisheries

Fersi Oussema

Fisheries and environment engineering

Jaouadi Wissem

Energy and Environment

Jebali Chaima

Fisheries Science and Environment Engineer

Jendrek Luca

International Relations

Kaidi Soukaina

Marine biology, Phycology, Climate change

Mohamed Ibrahim

Sustainable Fisheries Management

Sañé Schepisi Elisabet

Marine biogeochemistry

Sayedelahl Nada

Physical Oceanography

Master 2022

Albanai Jasem

Remote sensing of oceanography

Environmental Public Authority (EPA)

Benazzouz Imane

Coastal Engineering: environmental management and sustainable development

Chaguer Nadia

Environnemental Sciences

Gharbi Abir

Fisheries and environement

Ministry of agriculture, water resources and fisheries / Fishing and aquaculture's division of Sfax

Gibertini Alessandro

Marine Sciences, Energy Engineering

Giorgi Giulia

Marine Sciences, Biology

Haouas Ayoub

Biotechnology and Environment

Harrak Ghita

Coastal Engineering: Environmental Management and Sustainable Development

Idardare Zaina

Marine ecotoxicology

Institut Supérieur des pêches maritimes d'Agadir (Higher institute of fisheries)

Isaias Evagoras

biology, oceanography