Environmental economics
University of Trieste


In 1987, I graduated in Economics (110/100 cum laude) at the University of Trieste, discussing my final dissertation on time allocation and human capital accumulation over the life cycle. Then I moved to Northeastern Un., Boston, Mass., where I got a Master in Policy and Planning working on regional economics and focusing on impact analysis with econometric augmented Input/Output models. These models have been developed at the Center for European Economic Studies, N.U. (under the supervision of prof. G. Schachter) and have been used to assess industrial policies by IRI (at that time, the largest public conglomerate in Italy) on Southern Italy, local development in the Rieti area and applied for policy purposes in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. Then, I have been visiting researcher at the University of Utrecht, where I joined prof. Schettkat to analyze links between employment and industrial structure.   In 1993 I got a position as a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics in Trieste. Since then, I have taught about international economics, applied economics, and economic policy. He has also lectured in other university programs (Architectural studies, educational and humanistic studies, MIB) developing a quite good understanding about teaching other than economic students. In 2001, I got a position as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics, where I was the director of the program on advanced studies in International Economics and Finance. From 2005 to 2009, I was the director of the PHD program on Coffee market, a join doctorate between the departments of economics and statistics, biology and chemical engineering. At present, my teaching include International Monetary Economics, International Economics, and International Economic Policy.   My research fields include international and industrial economics, with a special emphasis to transport and construction sectors.