Guadagnini Alberto

Groundwater Hydraulics, Hydrogeology and Oil & Gas

Politecnico di Milano

Inghilesi Roberto

Geophysics, environmental emergencies and crisis


University of Trieste

Lipizer Marina

Ecology, biogeochemistry, marine European legislation


Lucchi Renata Giulia

Marine sedimentology and geology, continental margin dynamics and palaeoclimatic reconstructions in polar areas


Malfatti Francesca

Marine carbon biogeochemist, microscale ecology, ecosystem functioning

University of Trieste

Manzoni Luca

Computer Science

University of Trieste

Marchigiani Elena

Spatial Planning, Strategies and policies for sustainable development, urban regeneration and landscape enhancement

University of Trieste

Melaku Canu Donata

Marine ecology, coastal and marine ecosystems models


Menegatti Antonio

Public speaking, Business PlanPersonal Development: Public Speaking, Leadership, Negotiation Technics and Group Dynamics

MIP School of Management - Politecnico di Milano

Moroso Alberto

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering – Marine Renewable Energy

Studio Tecnico Navale e Meccanico Moroso - Starita Naval Architects - Marine Engineers - Consultants & Surveyors

Mosetti Renzo

Physical oceanography, geophisical fluid dynamics, data analysis and modelling


Mossa Michele

Maritime and environmental hydraulics

Technical University of Bari

University of Bologna

Musco Francesco

Urban Planning

IUAV University, Venice

Pallavicini Alberto

Comparative and applied genomics

University of Trieste

Pinat Massimiliano

Technical consultant on project design and research support

Comune di Staranzano - Univeristy of Camerino

Pipan Michele

Acquisition, processing, inversion and interpretation of geophysical data

University of Trieste

Provenzano Giuseppe

International public affairs

Union for the Mediterranean

Razza Giuseppe

Environmental Planning, Transport Planning, Environmental Studies, Waste Management Projects, International Affairs, International Policies, Pre-accession Policy, Climate Change, EU Legislation

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Realdon Giulia

Ocean Literacy

University of Camerino

Reale Marco

Climate modeling


Reini Mauro

Exergy analysis and exergy-based cost accounting, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)

University of Trieste

Riva Monica

Hydraulic Engineering

Politecnico di Milano

Rozza Gianluigi

Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

SISSA MathLab – International School for Advanced Studies

Salon Stefano

Operational oceanography


Scolozzi Rocco

Futures Studies and Systems Thinking

-Skopìa Anticipation Services

Solidoro Cosimo

Marine ecology, ecosystem modelling, data analysis


Sulligoi Giorgio

Smart Grids, Digital Transformation in Energy

University of Trieste