Donata Melaku Canu

Donata Melaku Canu


Marine ecology, coastal and marine ecosystems models


Researcher at OGS since 2002, PhD in Environmental Sciences. Her research is focused on marine and coastal aquatic environments, state and processes related to anthropogenic uses, pressures and natural changes and is developed applying different tools and methods, including:

  • Modelling at different scales (from individual to basin scale ) of biogeochemical (i.e. pollutants eutrophication models), biological (individual growth models), and hydrodynamic processes;
  • Scenario analysis, taking into account changes in drivers and pressures resulting from different social and economical configurations;
  • Analysis of Ecosystem Services, applying conceptual and numerical models;
  • Comparison with data, legislation objectives, requirements, indicators;
  • Link with socio-economic aspect, including the development of field surveys and questionnaires;

Modelling the effect of climate change on target species and target habitats. These research activities are also carried out in the frame of specific research projects, together with other tasks such as:

  • Tutoring of PhD and Master students.
  • Coordination of work packages in international, EU, National and local projects.

She’s author of 31 ISI international publications, and 14 non ISI publications. Scopus H-Index 13, H Google scholar 15.