Ecology, biogeochemistry, marine European legislation


Marina Lipizer is currently data scientist at the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS), Division of Oceanography. Since 2002 at OGS, she has been involved in research in the fields of biological, chemical and physical oceanography, with particular interest on phytoplankton bloom dynamics and on long - term ecosystem variability in coastal areas in the framework of several national and international research projects. She collaborates with the National Oceanographic Data Centre (OGS – NODC) for the management, scientific validation and processing of data of chemical and biological oceanography, in particular of data related to the environmental descriptors of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). She is involved in activities to support the implementation of several environmental policies (e.g. Water Framework Directive, Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Maritime Spatial Planning), in particular contributing to management of data and information required for EU directives implementation and promoting the dialogue between the EU data infrastructures and stakeholders involved in the MSFD process (Member States, EEA, JRC, ICES, Regional Sea Conventions and MSFD WG-DIKE). She has participated to several communication and dissemination activities addressed to a wide audience, across a range of stakeholders, policy-making, academic and community groups. From 1995 to 2001 she worked at the Italian National Council of Research (CNR) in the fields of chemical and biological oceanography and she was involved in research activities in polar (Arctic and Antarctic) and temperate (Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas) environments.