Acquisition, processing, inversion and interpretation of geophysical data
University of Trieste


Michele Pipan received a MS in Geology  (1984) and a PhD in Geophysics (1989) both from University of Trieste (Italy).  He was assistant professor of Solid Earth geophysics in 1990 through 1998 and associate professor of Environmental Geophysics in 1999 through 2005 at University of Trieste. He is now Professor of Exploration Geophysics, coordinator of the Exploration Geophysics Group at the Department of Mathematics and Earth Sciences, University of Trieste (Italy), presently carrying out funded research in the field of hydrocarbon exploration, environmental, archaeological, glaciological, geological and engineering applications. He is author of more than 150 papers in the field of Exploration Geophysics. Main research interests are in the field of Seismic and Ground Penetrating Radar data processing, inversion and interpretation with applications to natural resources (hydrocarbon and geothermal exploration), natural hazards (slope stability, fractured rocks, sinkholes, active faults), cultural heritage (pre-excavation studies of archaeological sites), environment (contaminated sites), civil engineering, glaciology, humanitarian demining, non-destructive testing for the steel industry among the main ones. He has been scientific responsible and coordinator of two European projects, of several national and international research programs and geophysical expeditions (Antarctica, Black Sea, Peru’, Russia, Kazakhstan, Egypt),  of the International School on Geothermal Exploration (cooperation between International Centre of Theoretical Physics and University of Trieste).