Rebuild Project: Call For International Experts

The Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS is announcing, within the framework of the Libya Rebuild project, five calls for international experts in the following fields.

  • International Expert in charge of the Laboratory of Analysis in water, fishery produces, molluscs, algae, marine biology 
  • International Expert - Senior Scientist Fishery
  • International Expert in Refrigeration/Refrigerated Logistics
  • International Expert in Fishery Supply Chain (Trade and Export)
  • International Expert in Fish Processing

For further information, download the Terms of Reference (TORs) available on this page.

Applications are open until 27/07/2022.


What is REBUILD about?

REBUILD is a project in the framework of the Nicosia Initiative, a decentralized cooperation platform active since 2015 between Libyan and European local authorities. It aims at strengthening local public services in Libya through a permanent training mechanism delivered by Libyan universities to Libyan municipalities. More specifically, it contributes to the improvement of the capacity of the 10 partner municipalities to design, implement and evaluate local public policies.

About the Pilot Action on Fishery.

In Libya there is still a strong fishing tradition, both in terms of know-how and training structures. Nevertheless, many supporting structures have been damaged by recent events. In such a context, the partnership promotes cooperation with local stakeholders according to a bottom-up approach to reinforce the traditional fisheries sector. The pilot action on fishery is implemented in the framework of the REBUILD project and involves Libyan municipalities of Sirte, Zliten, Benghazi, Tripoli, Tobruk. The action aims at making available to local communities involved in fisheries and related productive sectors a facility for the storage and management of fish, to allow its conservation, refrigeration, commercialization, preparation for delivery to customers and delivery (a comprehensive traceability system for the supply chain in the fishery sector).

More information:

Call for international experts