Deep Blue stories: Otman in France (remotely)

Deep Blue Story #20 | Otman El Ouaty is a young researcher from Morocco who took part to the online traineeship programme of the Deep Blue project cooperating with the Institute of Geography and Planning of the University of Nantes (France). He specifically worked on the integrated approach to the Nador coastal lagoon management. About his experience he says:

“I have learned how to do a better organization and time-management for a project: be able to reach the required competencies. I think that this growing trend of digital/online learning translates into an improvement in society thanks to the many ways it progresses my skills in communication, collaboration, technology, and education as a whole as I was planned. Among the benefits that I accomplished during this remote traineeship, I found myself familiarized with the work at home and attending online courses and scientific meetings which before seemed to be mind-numbing. The real obtained impact is that I can write a research proposal related to coastal management and ecosystem services and provide new ideas, analysis, and assessment. Thus, the Deep Blue project objectives related to building capacities and developing new skills related to the blue growth and blue economy were realized”.

Otman is currently a Ph.D student in marine and environmental sciences at Abdelmalek Essaâdi University, Tétouan (Morocco) and he is doing the thesis focussing on the assessment of the environmental geochemistry with a sedimentological approach to Nador lagoon, in Northeast Morocco.

He finally shared with us this quote:

“People expect to be bored by eLearning—let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that!” - Cammy Bean.

Thank you Otman for your engagement!

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