Deep Blue stories: Nouh in Edinburgh

Deep Blue Stories #5 | Nouh Izem’s project for the Deep Blue Mobility was an ambitious one: “to offer a good representation of hydrological and hydraulic processes through numerical modeling in order to better manage land use and provide beneficiaries and decision makers with scientific tools based on robust and precise numerical methods”.

To achieve this, he travelled to Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh for three months and ran different simulations, creating models to better describe both surface flows and underground flows. These simulations analyzed realistic situations, like the lock-exchange problem in the Strait of Gibraltar between Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and wind driven circulation in the Strait of Gibraltar. This has proven to be particularly difficult due to Covid-related obstacles: especially the lack of access to fundamental resources, like work stations, that lead to the cancellation of many of the planned tasks. 

Working from home for Nouh had benefits and downsides; workplace flexibility and no long home-office journeys, but also no access to equipment and facilities that would otherwise be at hand. One, he says, must find its own balance to be successful in these situations. Nonetheless, both Nouh and his supervisor were happy with the mobility, as it was a rewarding collaboration and, as Nouh said,

“an unique opportunity to get in touch with experts in my research field”


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