Deep Blue stories: Khalihena in Morocco (remotely)

Deep Blue Story #15 | Khalihena Groune is a Mauritanian young researcher who took part to the three-month online Deep Blue Training collaborating with the Centre of Sciences of Materials of the Mohamed V  University – Rabat (Morocco) in order to develop a project that could boost sharing knowledge, methodologies and data in marine chemical sciences.

His work based on the “Physic-chemical characterization of fish oil in Morocco and Mauritania: a comparative approach” focused on benchmarking qualitative and quantitative analysis of lipids in sardinella (sardinella aurita) from Mauritania and sardine (Sardina pilchardus) from Morocco. In fact, the maritime fisheries sector represents currently a major economic pole for Mauritania and Morocco, whose meal industry and fish oil are emerging activities in both countries because of their great economic value but also a deep interest for human health. 

He says about his experience:

“(…) At the time of the global crisis caused by COVID, it was difficult for me to commute to Morocco, but the Deep Blue program gave me the opportunity to participate in the online training that was beneficial. During my three-month internship, I had the opportunity to work on a research topic of interest to me, I met research fellows. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Mohammed V University. I was able to acquire the characteristics of a good researcher, in general: skills, consolidation of a scientific approach, and analysis of results. These characteristics will allow me to better advance in scientific research”.

Here you can find further information about the latest work of Khalihena on this web portal.

Professor Khalihena Groune is a teacher and a researcher heading of the Food Chemistry Laboratory, Institut Supérieur des Sciences de la Mer (ISSM) at the Naval Academy of Nouadhibou in Mauritania.

Thank you much Khalihena for your engagement and contribution to the project!


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