Deep Blue stories: Doaa in Rome

Deep Blue Stories #4 | Doaa Hussein participated in the Deep Blue Mobility Program to accomplish a clear goal: the application of life cycle assessment methodology for sustainable production of marine fisheries in Gaza Strip-Palestine, in order to preserve quality of life adhering to sustainability principles. The Food and Agriculture Organization fellows program, implemented through the Deep Blue Mobility, brought her to the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM-FAO) to help in the development of the fishery sector and control of pollution in her home country.
The activities carried out contribute to FAO Strategic Objective 2 “Make agriculture, forestry and fisheries more productive and sustainable”: the project led to the creation of a complete fisheries database. In addition to her activities in favor of her home country, Doaa also attended many workshops, seminars and webinars to improve her skills in the field of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

About Deep Blue, she said:

“Deep Blue Mobility gave me the opportunity to work on the completion of my project in the field of fisheries sustainability in one of the most important international organizations of the United Nations working in the field of Environment and Fisheries (GFCM-FAO)” 

It's a great opportunity for young researchers to have real-world application of their studies and test their skills in the field.


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