Deep Blue stories: Cherif in Slovenia

Deep Blue Stories #2 | Cherif El Khalil is one of the six candidates that participated in the Deep Blue Project in 2020. 29 years old, Moroccan, he had the opportunity to spend 6 months in the Slovenian National Institute of Biology and study the coastal water quality of the Slovenian coast, using remote sensing data to monitor pollution. The Covid-19 pandemic obstructed his work but also gave him a new occasion: writing an article about the consequences of the pandemic on Moroccan coastal water for a special issue of the journal Water, as well as another article for the same journal about his original project; you can check both his articles on the open journal, follow the links down below.

His supervisor, Dr. Martin Vodopivec, said in his report

“Dr. Cherif's visit helped us to focus on new areas of research in our seas (remote sensing) and brought a welcome insight from a researcher with a different background.”

Cherif said that he managed to acquire new skills useful for his career, such as remote sensing techniques, ocean quality measurements, and article writing.

The mobility program has been beneficial for both parties, as it strengthens cooperation between international institutions ensuring a shared blue knowledge across all Mediterranean countries.

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“COVID-19 Pandemic Consequences on Coastal Water Quality Using WST Sentinel-3 Data: Case of Tangier, Morocco”:

Abstract of “Validation and improvement of Sentinel-3 chlorophyll-a estimation using Ocean and Land Colour Instrument (OLCI) in a shallow coastal area: Gulf of Trieste, Mediterranean Sea”:

Cherif El Khalil