Climate, hunger, conflicts, migrations: turning four problems into a solution

Central European Initiative - CEI co-funded project CREATE invites you to its kick-off event: Climate, Hunger, Conflicts, migrations: turning four problems into a solution with Grammenos Mastrojeni, Senior Deputy Secretary-General of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)

The participation is open, but registration is compulsory at this link: 

The conference will be also streamed on our Facebook page

The lecture is part of the Alumni Day initiative: a 2-days networking event organized to gather together the alumni of the previous edition of the Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Growth, the students of the current edition and the participants of the SummerSchool on Copernicus Marine Service.

Further info on these initiatives will be on our website.

CREATE - Climate Refugees Exist: let’s stArt to Talk about it | SciEnce Diplomacy as an innovative tool to unlock the potential of dialogue with citizens and society

The project “CREATE - Climate Refugees Exist” aims to raise awareness on climate change as a root cause for #migration, fostering Science Diplomacy as a key tool to find common solutions in order to unlock the potential of migrants and is promoted by the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS.
Climate change as a root cause of migration is becoming an urgent issue in the global agenda. Nevertheless, common knowledge of the phenomenon of Climate Refugees, and how it is going to evolve in the future, is definitely missing in our society. A new language is needed in order to promote a debate from a scientific and a social point of view. Thus, Science Diplomacy is a key tool to find common solutions in order to unlock the potential of migrants and Trieste is the right place to drive this debate, being a coastal city facing the consequences of climate change, at the end of the Balkan Route. Moreover, it hosts a number of scientific institutions that can bring the discussion to a Science Diplomacy level: ICTP, TWAS, UNHCR, CEI.

Within this framework, thanks to its expertise on Science Diplomacy and Climate Change, OGS would fulfill the urgent need to include climate refugees in the scientific, diplomatic, social and cultural agendas. We decided to tackle this sensitive issue through the unconventional method of a role-play game. In fact, gamification is an effective way to address sensitive issues and the role-play approach encourages participants from different backgrounds to engage in a serious, fact-checked and in depth reflection.