Silvia Ceramicola

Submarine geomorphology, marine geohazards, marine geology, geophysics, Mediterranean sea

Marine geologist at OGS since 2001 studying sedimentary and tectonic processes occurring along active and passive continental margins, with a particular interest in active processes at seabed and in geological features that may represent marine geohazards. Her research focuses on seabed mapping and sub-seafloor analyses of geological features such as submarine landslides, submarine canyons, mud volcanoes (and sink holes) and seismogenic faults in order to assess their hazards. She carried out geological and geophysical researches in several areas of the Mediterranean Basin including Ionian Sea, Gulf of Taranto, the Nile fan and the Alboran Sea. Lead scientist of several international and national research projects. Chief scientist of eight oceanographic campaigns in the Ionian Sea, participant in several oceanographic explorations around the world. Chairman of the Marine Geosciences Committee for the Mediterranean Scientific Commission (CIESM), Associated Editor of Marine and Petroleum Geology (Elsevier). Member of the Academic Board of the Doctoral School in Earth Science and Fluid Mechanics (ESFM). Supervisor of PhD students, trainees, master students. Author of more than 30 papers in peer reviewed journals.