Target beneficiaries

The School will be addressed to scientists, researchers, post-doctoral fellows and Ph.D. students dealing with aspects related to oceanography (physics, chemistry and biology), marine biology, geology, geophysics, geochemistry, environmental engineering, ecological modelling, climate study, coastal zone management and other related fields. Project managers, economists and policy-makers are also eligible to participate. However, applicants should be able to demonstrate their ability particularly to assimilate new concepts related to Blue Growth particularly aspects related to economic growth, environmental protection and societal challenges. A high level scientific committee will follow a well defined selection criteria and only motivated and qualified candidates will be selected. Only 2 candidates per each eligible country will be selected and granted fellowships. Highly qualified professors will be invited to lecturing and tutoring during the School. In order to give the opportunity to others to participate, former trainees are not eligible to take part again in the event.

Target countries

Eligible participants are coming from the Mediterranean and Black Sea countries

1. Albania 9. Georgia 17. Moldavia 25. Serbia
2. Algeria 10. Greece 18. Morocco 26. Slovenia
3. Bosnia Herzegovina 11. Israel 19. Montenegro 27. Spain
4. Bulgaria 12. Italy 20. Lebanon 28. Syria
5. Croatia 13. Jordan 21. Libya 29. Tunisia
6. Cyprus 14. Macedonia 22. Palestine 30. Turkey
7. Egypt 15. Malta 23. Portugal 31. Ukraine
8. France 16. Mauritania 24. Romania  



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