Katia Abbad

Integrated coastal zone management / engineer on coastal zone management

Baya Aissaoui

Environmental leader on social inclusion, interculturality, local governance

Sihame Amanou

Biodiversity management and conservation

Elena Armanino


Sofiane Atrous

PhD Student in Coastal management and prospective (IZCM),

Fatiha Ayed

Agricultural Engineer

Leila Bordbar

Oceanographer-Marine biologist

Esam Buzaid

Marine Biologist, Lecturer and Looking for a Supervisor In Msc & Phd Study

Mariano Dara

Biodiversity and evolution

Nessim Douss

Engineer on Georessources and environment

Khalid El Khalidi

Coastal geomorphology and sedimentology

Doaa Hussein

Sustainable Management

Antonietta Izzo

Scientific Officer for Marine Cartography

Giulia Massolino

Science Communication, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Nezha Mejjad

Environmental Geologist

Nicoletta Pastore

Technical Director of travel agency and tour operator

Ana Bianca Pavel

Scientific researcher specializing in marine and freshwater benthos

Alessia Rossi

Marine Biologist

Amal Salhi

Hydraulic and development engineering

Alessandro Scianca

Environmental Analytical Chemist focused in Chemical Oceanography. Interested in oceans, seas and Marine Environment monitoring

Alberto Viola

Optical-fiber connection design - Sciences and technologies for the environment and nature