The Master is open to candidates from all Countries with priority for those coming from Mediterranean and Black Sea countries.

Part-time, three short sessions of 15 days each will be held in Trieste in March, June and September 2023. If the Master will be held online due to the pandemic restrictions, the sessions will be of 3 weeks, part time. There will be the possibility of a traineeship at the end of the program.

One year, starting January 2023 to May 2024


Fields of studies of participants
Oceanography (physics, chemistry and biology), marine biology, geology, geophysics, geochemistry, environmental engineering, ecological modelling, climate study, coastal zone management, environmental economy and related fields.

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Envisaged topics of the Master
An interdisciplinary course covering a number of topics related to the blue economy including environmental aspects, socio-economic fields and science diplomacy. 

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In order to access the admission test, is required a fee of € 30,00 (not refundable).
If you are selected, the cost of the master will be € 3.296: € 3.096 as course fee, plus the regional tax (€ 160,00) and the all-inclusive tuition fee (€ 40,00).

Scholarships including full fellowships (covering registration fees, travel and accommodation) and partial fellowships (covering the registration fees only) will be available.

Eligible candidates

Postgraduate candidates are invited to apply. The Programme can be accessed, with no restriction to age and citizenship, by whomever holds a master or PhD University degree (equivalent to a II Level Italian University Degree); candidates holding a Bachelor degree are not eligible. All Master's classes are taught in English, therefore further requirement to access the Master Programme is to take and pass an interview meant to assess the candidate’s proficiency with the language. The maximum number of candidates that can be admitted to the University Master Programme is 25. Please carefully read the Master general regulation to check your eligibility.

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